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Some methods to improve the efficiency of precision parts processing

Nowadays, many manufacturers use precision parts to process them, saving a lot of labor, but the efficiency is not very good. How can we improve efficiency? Let's get to know it with Xiaobian.

Non-standard equipment parts processing requirements get ultra-lubricated processing appearance and high machining accuracy, this demand knife has a high standard life, the tool is worn, will be based on whether the processing appearance quality is reduced by the tolerance. The standard life of diamond tools is very high, and the tool wear is very slow during high-speed cutting. Therefore, in ultra-precision cutting, the cutting speed is not limited by the tool life, which is different from the general cutting rules.

The cutting speed selected by the non-standard equipment parts processing internship is often selected according to the dynamic characteristics of the ultra-precision machine tool used and the dynamic characteristics of the cutting system, that is, the minimum vibration speed is selected. Due to the minimum surface roughness and the highest processing quality at this speed. Achieving high-quality non-standard machined exterior is the primary concern for the processing of non-standard equipment parts. The use of good quality, especially for ultra-precision machine tools with good dynamic characteristics and low vibration, can use high cutting speed and can travel processing power.

The selection of machining parameters for non-standard equipment parts mainly includes the selection of cutting tool viewpoints, the selection of cutting speed, and the selection of cutting depth and feed rate. From the past experience, we know that when machining plastic data, if you choose a tool with a large rake angle, you can use the structure of hoarding. When the rake angle of the tool increases, the cutting force is reduced, the cutting deformation is small, and the cutter and chip are small. The contact length is shortened, which reduces the basis of the built-up structure.

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